Grills & Garnishes

At Polyplastics, we pioneered the core techniques for developing grills and garnishes by the hot stamping, electroplating and painting systems. Our electroplated grills and garnishes have met the standards of Ford, Toyota and General Motors so well that they have selected us for global sourcing. We have also made the significant developments for Mercedes Benz.

After through R&D in association with leading Japanese car maker, we have successfully implemented the process of gold plating to meet international specifications. We are the only major suppliers of emblems and monograms to the entire Indian Automotive Industry with a market share of close to 90%. We are producing about 100000 grills and garnishes every month.

Our tool room is capable of making large, complex:

  • Electroplated Grills and Garnishes.
  • Painted Grills and Garnishes.
  • Electroplated + Painted Grills & Garnishes.